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Frances Allen Mitchell Levy

Abraham Mitchell immigrated to the United States from Leszno in Poland in the early 19th century, and his wife, Esther Allen Mitchell, came from England during those same years. They were married in 1821 in New York where they would raise their six children. The second of these was Frances, known as Fanny to friends and family. In 1848 Fanny married Jonas Phillips Levy, son of Rachel Machado Phillips Levy and brother of Uriah P. Levy and Benjamin Levy. Jonas was a merchant ship captain who commanded the USS America during the Mexican American War, transporting troops to the port of Veracruz. After the successful invasion by US troops, General Winfield Scott appointed Levy the port’s captain. It was there that Fanny and Jonas’ first child, Isabella, was born. She would be followed by four more children, including future congressman Jefferson Monroe Levy.